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Tires Are Junk Too in NC

Tires Are Junk Too in NC







Tires are junk too in NC! We were called to a warehouse that had a fire in Goldsboro, NC. And guess what was in the warehouse? Right! Tires! You must have played this game before, haven’t you.

So, getting back to the job, there were 240 tires and 4,000 pounds of metal that needed to be removed from this partially destroyed warehouse. And we removed all of it in 1 day. Yup! That’s a lot of junk and we were happy to help this company out. With all of those tires being disposed of, we started wondering about all of the tires that are disposed of across the country. Tires are junk too.

Here’s What We Learned About Tires

In 2003, markets for scrap tires were consuming 233 million, or 80.4%, of the 290 million annually generated scrap tires:

  • 130 million (44.7%) are used as fuel
  • 56 million (19.4%) are recycled or used in civil engineering projects
  • 18 million (7.8%) are converted into ground rubber and recycled into products
  • 12 million (4.3%) are converted into ground rubber and used in rubber-modified asphalt
  • 9 million (3.1%) are exported
  • 6.5 million (2.0 %) are recycled into cut/stamped/punched products
  • 3 million (1.7%) are used in agricultural and miscellaneous uses


Tires are just one item that we can dispose of for you. We can also take things like mattresses, refrigerators, ovens or stoves, ice chests, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, old cabinets, mattresses, beds, dressers, couches, recliners, kitchen tables, dining room tables, chairs and so much more.

Finally, if you consider getting junk removal in Eastern North Carolina or Western North Carolina, it will help you reclaim your space when you call Junk Trunk. Most of the time junk will take up large portions of space because it cannot be neatly organized. If you get rid of that junk, you can clean up and make that space a livable area again. Plus, the professionals have commercial trucks and vans, which mean you won’t have to lug all that dirty excess debris around in your vehicle.

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