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Hoarding: How To Tell If Someone is a Hoarder

Hoarding: How To Tell If Someone is a Hoarder

Are you worried that you or someone you know might be a hoarder? It’s not a laughing matter and could pose a very serious and grave situation for them both emotionally and physically.

Chronic Disorganization

Being chronically disorganized impedes your ability to function. You can’t find your keys, your purse, your wallet, your cell phone, your computer, your clothes even! You’re chronically late getting out of the door because of looking for things. A lot of us might be chronically disorganized, but this goes farther. It gets in the way of your normal daily activities and interrupts the flow of life.

Unwillingness to Allow Anyone Into Your Home

This happens when the clutter has become so bad that you are too embarrassed to let anyone else see it. Most people suffering from hoarding feel tremendously isolated by their shame. When you do let people into your home, they’re taken aback by the clutter and comment on it.

‘Clutter Blindness’

“Clutter blindness” blocks people from realizing how their home looks to others. Hearing concerns from somebody you trust is a good warning sign.

Being Distressed About Your Belongings

Many of us enjoy collecting. But have your accumulated belongings become a burden rather than a pleasure? Do you have no way to display all the collectibles? If so, this has probably gone beyond understandable, healthy collecting and become hoarding.

Compulsive Buying or Acquiring

Do you bring home too much stuff? Perhaps it’s shopping in person or online, or perhaps it’s collecting free stuff. Realizing that you’re always coming home with more than you intended to pick up or with more than you need is a warning sign. Another sign is that your purchases sit unused or unopened.

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