Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos

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Project Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Project Type: Brush and Branches All Cleaned Up

Sticks and branches will create a pile but have no fear, we’re on it! This was a huge pile of branches that was in their backyard and we removed and discarded all of it.

Date: October, 2018

Project Location: Greenville, North Carolina

Project Type: Cleaning Out a Storage Space

Sometimes we get called out to clean up a pile of junk and this was one of those times, and this pile of junk was really big. We worked hard and in no time, it was completely gone.

Date: September, 2018

Project Location: ,Goldsboro, North Carolina

Project Type: Gutting a Complete Home

We were invited to an older home that needed to be completely gutted. It was a  4500 sq foot house. It was a huge job and our guys did an awesome job.

Date: August, 2018

Project Location: Washington, North Carolina

Project Type: Complete Clean Out of Home

Sometimes a mess grows and grows and grows and it gets out of control. Hoarding is a difficult situation not only for the home owner but for the family as well. This home was in disrepair and had an incredible amount of debris. We helped the family to completely cleanout this home.

Date: July, 2018

Project Location: Dudley, North Carolina

Project Type: Complete Clean Out of a Backyard

This yard had a bit of everything! It took 3 days and we loaded 13 motorcycles, 3 three-wheelers, tore down the shed and removed a boat (yes, a boat!!) then hauled everything away along with all the miscellaneous junk on the ground and inside the workshop. It was fun and we got it done!!

Date: April, 2018

Project Location: Ayden, North Carolina

Project Type: Complete Clean Out of a Kitchen

We were contacted to help clean out a kitchen by removing everything from the cabinets to the kitchen sink, literally! We gutted, removed and cleaned everything.

Date: November, 2017

Project Location: Kenansville, North Carolina

Project Type: Remove remains of a Trailer

We were contacted to remove the remains of a demolished trailer. We took all of the wood, metal and scraps. We were asked to leave only the metal frame.

Date: October, 2017

Project Location: Greenville, North Carolina

Project Type: Remove Contents of a House

We were asked to take contents out of a home. Here are the results!

Date: January, 2018

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